22 Ekim 2012


I was planning so long to write an entry about Turkish national alcoholic beverage raki, at least claimed to be so by we as Turks, due to hectic schedule I have had for my engagement ceremony I could not be able to find time to compile what I noted from my various readings when I was in the army.

Yet I cannot resist to write a couple sentences of anything at this moment. Here is the result: While I was wandering about from one site another I came across and interesting note about Turkish State Budget numbers in English, which is the reason I wrote this piece in the corresponding language. An interesting takeaway message from Economist:

Suggestions that AK is steering Turkey towards Islamic rule are overwrought. And as the rest of Europe wrestles with the euro crisis, the Turkish economy continues to grow under AK’s steadying hand. Yet if Turkey is to remain competitive it needs to invest far more in research and development (the Directorate for Religious Affairs, which employs thousands of clerics, was allocated double the amount slated for TUBITAK last year). Alienating the country’s top scientists doesn’t help. “It is time,” says Mr Akyol, “for Muslims to rethink why early Islamic civilisation produced so much of universal value, from algebra to the lute, and why we hardly do that today.”

The roots and driving forces of the so called spendings are open to debate; yet the numbers are there. For people who do not know what TUBITAK stands for, it is country’s top science agency. For the full story, go to the link.