06 Eylül 2008

Sir Alex & Giggs vs. Abu Dhabi

We have a good setup ourselves and we've been working to build up the team we've got, so we just have to carry on. There are always challenges in football, some years ago it was Chelsea and some years ago it was Arsenal and wherever the challenge comes from we have to accept it. So it doesn't change anything...

Sir Alex Ferguson

United have a status and history that it has taken years to build up. It stretches back to the Busby Babes, to players like Sir Bobby Charlton and George Best. It will be very interesting to see what happens at City, but what we have at United is very special.

Ryan 'Joseph' Giggs

İşin özü Sir Alex; "Hiçbir şey değişmedi, hâlâ en iyi biziz." derken, Giggsy "Adımız, tarihimiz yeter ulan!" diyor. İyi de diyorlar. Bu kadar da içine etmeyin futbolun, araplar nereden çıktı? Ulan Abraham hep senin yüzünden bunlar... Sezon sonunda bu şişelerin Abraham'a ve Abu Dhabi'ye girmesi dileğiyle...