06 Mart 2009

Cry Baby Cry

Cristiano Ronaldo 24 yaşında. United'a geleli yaklaşık 5 yıl oluyor. PL'de en çok faul yapılan futbolcu konumunda. Birçok kişiye göre United'ı durdurmak için önce Ronaldo'yu durdurmak gerekir. Ronaldo'nun bir röportajını okudum, kısa bir değerlendirme yapmış PL kariyeri için:

“They were the worst moments of my career, when I left my family. It was a very
very difficult part of my life because I’d always had a lot of back-up from my
mother, father and my family. To go to a different place, different football,
different country was very complicated. We cried very week but, in that respect,
I grew a lot as a person and as a player, and that was very important to me. For
young players the conditions are ifficult. They have to work hard and fight for
what they want to be in the future. In any other profession, it’s the same. You
cannot stop believing in yourself."

Her insan için alıştığı düzenden ayrılmak, başka bir ülkede başka bir düzende yaşamak tabii ki zordur. Cristiano da Manchester günlerinin başında bol bol ağlamış. İlk gününde ağlamış, ailesiyle konuştuğunda ağlamış, arkadaşlarıyla konuştuğunda ağlamış. (İngiltere'ye gidip de ağlamayan var mı? :) )

“I feel I’m at a club that gives me a guarantee to win titles and trophies. That
makes me very happy. When we play for the Premier League or whatever, we know
that we can win something.The Premier League, the Champions League, the FA
Cup and the Carling Cup are all important, because if we win them it improves
our confidence.We’re doing well in these competitions and we want to win them
all. It would be good. Last year we did the Double and this year we have
opportunities to win them all. We have to continue working as we have been,
because we’re on a good path. To already be in the history of United is an
enormous privilege and makes me very happy. It’s a privilege to work with a
group of young and old United players.It’s spectacular. This group has a very
nice atmosphere. Everybody treats me very well and it’s a privilege to play with
these players"

Milano'da kaçan galibiyet için ise;

“I was a bit sad we didn’t win in Milan, because we had so many opportunities.
We didn’t score, but now have a new opportunity and our fans to back us up. They
have confidence in us. We have to score and I’m confident we’ll win.”