23 Kasım 2008

KG for Football

Football fanatic Kevin Garnett has built a full-sized pitch in his back garden to keep fit during summer.

Garnett, whose Celtics have made a strong start to their NBA title defence by winning four of their first five games, said: “I don’t have a striker’s skills. I want the liberty of not only passing the ball but shooting, or at least trying to be a striker.

Garnett admits he has a long way to catch up fellow Boston star and Tottenham nut Steve Nash. He said: “Steve knows how to bend the ball and all that type of stuff."

Adam can sıkıntısından arka bahçeye futbol sahası yaptırıyor yav. Yakında Fener'e santrafor diye gelir Semih'le iyi ikilide olurlar hatta :))